queer geographies

Queer Geographies is a book of selected artworks, poetry, public interventions, activist’ statements, and academic investigations dealing with how space is where frontiers of class and identity struggles are in constant negotiation and flux.

Queer Geographies explores the possibilities of queer identities lived beyond heteronormativity, uncovering how gender and sexuality are shaped differently in the margins by the landscapes of cities.  Queer Geographies' also examines how identities in return can shape and form the city to new needs of its inhabitants.

Lasse Lau has organized workshops on queer geography at three very different cities- all located at the sea -- Beirut (Lebanon), Tijuana (Mexico) and Copenhagen (Denmark). Most of the contributions to the book have either been produced from these 3 workshops or from the networks established at them.  The workshops captured queer identities and experiences outside the hegemonic Anglo-Saxon experience. 

The book includes texts by Jack Gieseking, Akram Zaatari, Jedidiah Anderson, Sayak Valencia Triana, Micha Cárdenas, Brad Epps, Camilla Tved, Mads Ted Drud-Jensen and Sune Pahl Knudsen. It is edited by Lasse Lau in collaboration with Mirene Arsanios, Felipe Zuñiga and Mathias Kryger. The book's designer is Omar Mismar.