Secret bush planting

Secret Bush Planting was a counter reaction to park authorities extensive removal of bushes in a centrally located park in Copenhagen. One night with the Queer group DUNST (also meaning Smelly), we autonomously planted as a symbolic gesture the Bush of Hearts. 

The cutting down of bushes in the globalize cities in Europe and throughout the US in the last decade has often not been for aesthetic reasons, but commonly to prevent the imagined possibility of gay sex. 

Secret Bush Planting is reenacting a concrete and material tool for appropriating lost public space back into a social realm of queer culture. It is transparent that in contemporary culture, queer architecture and space has to be self-imposed and organized to find its form and ensure its existence.  

Secret Bush Planting #1 H.C. Ørstedsparken, Copenhagen, Denmark, Lasse Lau 2005

Secret Bush Planting #2 Slottskogen, Gothenburg, Sweden, Lasse Lau 2009 

The piece invited the viewer to participate in this global struggle of the right of passage to the public space by talking home a seed back, inserting your own body and labor experience into a site by planting seeds where queer and green culture can grow. 

If you want a packet please email me your request containing your address, then choose a suitably needed location, and sow the seeds of hearts.


Röda Sten Gothenburg (2009), Apex Art New York (2007) El Particular Mexico City (2006) The Participant, Inc. New York (2006)